We all have this frustration when we post something we think is cool and get no recognition for it. Here are 5 tips to help you gain exposure on the massive social media ocean that is Facebook!

1.  The Economy of Words…Get to the Point, Don’t Over-Speak:

What my father used to tell me when I was little is the best way to get AND keep peoples’ attention is by keeping it short and sweet I realize now that as much as we want to believe that people really care what we have to say, the hard truth is….they don’t. Everyone has a life of their own and things already occupy their time and interests. If you really want to get someone’s attention and get them interested, you must keep your words short, sweet and to the point. In the words of John Mayer, “Say What You Need To Say.”

2. Talk to People:Rock-And-Bomb-Compliment-

You know when you take the time to give someone a compliment and they just brush it off like it’s nothing? Ouch, that stings…and it’s rude. This same situation applies to Facebook comments and shares as well. Facebook likes, shares and comments are regular compliments…just over the internet, so if you ignore these cyber-compliments, those who gave them to you  are likely not to give you any more for anything else you post on Facebook. It’s easier to brush compliments like these off if you are behind a computer screen, but a computer screen doesn’t give you leeway to ignore them. By responding to attention you have received, you are showing your gratitude, and in turn, you will keep people coming back!

3.  Use Hashtags and @ Links to People/Concepts You Mention:

A few years back in 2009, two students from Auburn University started a campaign on YouTube called “A Hug From Taylor Swift.”  They continually posted YouTube videos and tagged Taylor Swift in them in hopes of being able to well…get a hug from her and because they kept tagging her in their videos, she eventually noticed them and responded! If you want to get noticed for your posts on Facebook, make sure to tag anyone and anything relevant using hashtags, including your friends fans, and links to anything or anyone involved! Stay Relevant.

4.  Look at your Insights:  What do they tell you about your fans?

You have been tirelespowderfinger facebook insightssly working all day on a project you are really excited about and when you finally finish at 2AM, you post it to your Facebook page. You wake up the next morning to find no responses…..Now you are sad and confused. The reason why you didn’t get any reactions to your project that you worked so hard on is because you posted it at the wrong time. Timing is everything. Looking at your Insights on your page will tell you when your fans are most on Facebook and viewing your posts. If your fans are mostly on Facebook at 6PM, then post at that time to get the most exposure.

5.  Always Add Links/Videos/Images to Your Posts:

A woman arrives at a party in a simple black pencil skirt and a one-color top. Another woman arrives in a vibrant, floral dress and she gets a lot of attention for it. Why? Because she gave people something interesting to look at. Like I said earlier, people don’t like reading long paragraphs of text, so if you can include something interesting like a relevant video, link, or photo, people will be more inclined to pay attention to your post. It’s important to Catch people’s eye.

We hope this article helped! Just remember to always keep in mind who your target audience is and the material you are posting and remember…no bait, no fish!