The Compact at Club Helsinki

The Compact at Club Helsinki in Hudson NY, October 17, 2011 playing the song “What About Me (What About You)?” from their secnd album Fortune Cookie Philosophy on Choking Chicken Records. L to R Steven W Ross, electric bass and backing vocal; Gary Burke, drums; Erin Hobson, electric guitar and lead vocal.

Review of “Twine”

‎In short, TWINE is badass and needs to be heard. – The Biggest Letdown

“Susanna and the Grinders have released their debut album entitledTWINE, which brings back the idea of good 80’s and early 90’s pop indie rock. This album really speaks volumes to the talent involved with Susanna and the Grinders. In short, TWINE is badass and needs to be heard.

The title track, twine really sets the stage for how the album will be heard. It will be heard through a CD player in a car, home, boat, or modified couch that has speakers built inside. Speaking of modified couches, I’m terrible at home improvements. My lady thinks I can do anything, but deep down inside she knows that I’m not good at home improvement projects. Building something such as a modified speaker-couch would end up in myself yelling (a lot), throwing stuffed pillows across the room, shouting for no reason, and eventually giving up. Speaking of giving up, don’t give up on this review. I really liked TWINE.

When you listen to songs such as PERSISTANCE, FUTURE SONG, and PERFECT FACE you’ll get a feeling of accomplishment from Susanna and the Grinders. Speaking of accomplishment, did I ever tell you about the time I changed out two toilets in my home? It was the same toilet, just twice. Remember when I said I was shit at home improvements? Well, this is a classic example of that. I changed out a broken toilet for another toilet that didn’t work. Then, I returned THAT toilet back to the store where I bought it. Have you ever tried to return a used toilet? It’s embarrassing. People look at you like you’re an idiot. I’m not an idiot, though. I just didn’t have any luck with this project. So, I bought another toilet (a more expensive one) and I set it up. The whole project took me about two weeks. Now, I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that’s too long for a toilet-repair project. But, I was really busy with other things at that point. So, for two weeks I had a giant hole in the middle of my bathroom. I hate home-improvement projects.

This is a great album, and deserves a longer, more in-depth review. Someone will write a review to put this review to shame, but I just hope people will think back to this one and say HEY! GOOD JOB, BUDDY! THAT WAS A WELL-ARTICULATED REVIEW OF A CLASSIC ALBUM. The reason I say “classic” is because the person who says this statement will do so many, many years from now, while listening to TWINE on his speaker-couch. “