This week, it was announced that Facebook hired Tamara Hrivnak, who previously worked as director of music partnerships at YouTube and Google Play.

According to NPR, Hrivnak’s role will be to conduct Facebook’s global music licensing strategy, and form better bonds with the music industry.

Disagreements between Facebook and the music industry have been prominent within the past few years. Many videos containing music are uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis; however, much of the music is not licensed. This has instigated a rift between Facebook and right holders.

While at YouTube, Hrivnak and her employees used a Content ID system that identifies when copyright music is being played in a video. It is expectant that Hrivnak will bring her previous strategies from YouTube over to Facebook, to enhance Facebook’s Content ID system. Since Facebook has over 1.7 billion active users, it is hopeful that the social media network can eventually become an additional tool for discovering new music.

In a note published to Facebook, Hrivnak said: “Music is important and it matters — it connects and binds us to times, places, feelings and friends. My career has been dedicated to growing opportunities for music in the digital landscape. Facebook is all about making the world more open and connected and music can play an important role — I’m excited to join that effort.”