Searches for illegal MP3 downloads is going to become difficult for people in the U.K.

There are a plethora of websites on the internet that provide free downloads to copyrighted music. When searching for music on Google, websites containing illegal content can sometimes appear within the first page of search results. Not only does this keep musicians and songwriters from being paid for their work – it also puts Google users up for the risk of spam. The user may have been searching for a safe result in the first place. A new change for Google users in the U.K. may put a halt to downloading content without paying for it.

Presently, there are often takedown requests for illegal material that may be uploaded to these websites- but the takedown can be slow. In the U.K., Google is going to start using new code, which will prevent users from visiting disreputable websites that provide illegal music downloads. The new code will promote finding safe and legal music websites first. Google hopes to protect both artists and internet users by implementing this change. The change is supposed to take place by the beginning of the summer.