Pandora is noted as the most streamed service of 2016, beating out other popular platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.

According to Digital Music News, Pandora became the most streamed music service with a 28% share of music listening.

Pandora allows for users to create a station built on an artist or song they enjoy. Based on the artist or song being played, Pandora will recommend new music that is similar. Users have the ability to thumbs up and down tracks being played, to help curate the station to better suit their specific musical tastes. Above all, the site provides a suitable place for new music discovery.

Pandora encourages independent artists to submit their music for potential streaming on their website. According to Pandora, “We thrive on connecting artists and listeners – allowing artists to be discovered by new audiences and introducing our listeners to new artists and their recordings they may have never heard of before.

In order to submit music to Pandora, one must have a Pandora listening account. The submission page can be found on their website. According to Pandora’s website, in order to successfully submit music to Pandora, one must provide contact information, the artist or band name, the name and type of release (Album, EP or Single) and a valid link to one of the tracks (from the release you are currently submitting) on iTunes, Amazon/MP3, CD Baby, or Bandcamp. It’s also critical to make sure that one has the legal rights to their work. Once sent to Pandora, the work will be under review by Pandora’s Curation team. Artists should note that Pandora only permits one submission in their system at a time.