McCartney Fights to Reclaim Ownership of Beatles Hits

Paul McCartney has filed a federal lawsuit against Sony/ATV Music Publishing to reclaim the ownership of several hits he wrote with the Beatles.

McCartney is aiming to regain the rights to a total of 267 of the band’s tunes. Among these hits are “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “All You Need is Love”, “Hey Jude”, and “Yesterday”.

According to Rolling Stone, McCartney’s legal team is citing the 1976 Copyright Act which states that the rights to works made before 1978 must be returned to their creators 56 years after the date of the original copyright. 56 years of Beatles hits are approaching rapidly for McCartney.

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8 Tips on Overcoming Writer’s Block

Gracie van Brunt is an intern here at Powderfinger Promotions and attends Berklee College of Music as a singer-songwriter

~ ~Twitter: @gracievb

We all have moments where we can’t come up with anything to write about -or at least anything interesting. Moments like these make us feel like our brains our made of grammatical mush like that of a newborn baby who can’t speak yet. But fear not and don’t let this block keep you from writing your best work yet! Here are 8 tips on songwriting from some of the best songwriters of all time as well as some of our current and past artists!

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