The 59th annual Grammy Awards took place on Sunday, February 12. The Grammys presented awards to several notable artists, such as Adele, who took home a total of five awards.

Artists not only receive great recognition for their music during the ceremony, but what follows after the ceremony is just as exciting. Artists who collect awards often receive a spark in sales following the award show. The positive influence on sales after an artist receives a Grammy is known as the “GRAMMY effect”. The “GRAMMY effect” also takes place after artist’s performances.

According to Billboard, Adele’s hit “Hello” (the song which opened this year’s show) scored a 255 percent sales bump following the ceremony. Adele faced a similar fate back in 2012, when her post-Grammy award weekly sales totaled at 730,000 for her album 21.

This year, Beyoncé performed two songs from her Grammy Award-winning album Lemonade: “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles”. Billboard notes that the songs faced a sales increase of 1,217 percent and 958 percent following the ceremony.

NPR remarks that the “GRAMMY effect” has been occurring long before digital downloads existed. In 1990, Bonnie Raitt’s Album of the Year win for Nick of Time went to No. 1 following the broadcast of the awards ceremony.